Roast history

the floral hall

In 2004, what is now the south portico of the restaurant was re-erected, having been dismantled in the 1990s from its previous location in Covent Garden.

Before Roast opened in 2005 and brought the Floral Hall back to life, the building was only used for storage. Spotting its potential as a unique restaurant location, Iqbal joined the bidding war and several months later, the Roast ‘dream’ was put into motion.



borough market

Roast is situated atop one of Britain’s oldest food markets, with some parts of the market claiming to date back as far as 1014. Today, the market continues to expand, with new areas being restored and new stallholders and businesses joining the community and becoming part of its ongoing success story

Stallholders from all over England and other parts of the world come to the market to sell a vast variety of foods, from fresh fruits and vegetables to cheese, meats, fresh bread and more.

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